Mobile monetization
for the privacy era

User acquisition platform focused on in-app purchases and checkouts. A privacy-compliant method that allows deterministic conversion attribution.

We are so confident about this, that we built an app just to drive traffic via our mobile SDK.

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Screenshots to promote
in-app purchases

Instead of typing in promo codes, have users upload screenshots of our influencers’ content. In-app purchases increase by 77%, and conversions attributed without compromising user privacy.

Influencer platform
focused on in-app conversions

Features include promotion set up, campaign briefing, database of 3.2 million influencers, mass invites, content approvals, chat, performance payments, analytics and more.

Campaign funnels that generate insights

Set up new or reuse existing in-app promotions. Create funnels by setting in-app events as ’conditions’ for users to unlock promotions. Discover drop-off points and increase purchase conversion rates.

Customizable alerts that drive conversions

Easily customize campaign alerts driving conditional events, in-app purchases or both! Leverage simple and flexible display logic that adapts to your user flow.

Social proof that motivates users to purchase

Native user-facing components that activate campaign funnels, showcase influencer content and increase in-app purchase rates by 32%.

Who we are

Drive attributable in-app purchases while maintaining user privacy

All on an intuitiuve user acquisiton and monetization platform designed to boost conversions and RoAS.