Tough to attribute
in-app purchases
on iOS 14?

Privacy-compliant user acquisition solution that generates deterministic post-install data on iOS 14. With transparent user consent, without device IDs.

Non-invasive user
consent via content

Turning social media content creators into your most powerful acquisition channel. 94% consent rate. 99% attribution accuracy, less than 1% risk of fraud.

Content creators as a
revenue generating

Discover revenue-generating creators from a pool of 3.2 million. Let powerful features make your campaigns scalable, transparent and insightful.

Campaign funnels that test features and generate insights

Select in-app events as conditions for users to unlock promotions. Discover successful features by tracking user journeys down your funnel.

Customizable alerts that
drive conversions

Easily customize alerts driving conditional events, purchases or both. Leverage simple and flexible display logic that adapts to your user flow.

Powering conversions
through a Social Screen

Activate conversion flows and non-invasive attribution through a native social destination. We also showcase your favorite advocates.

Who we are

Drive and attribute deterministic post-install conversions on iOS 14

In a non-invasive, transparent and consensual way that maintains user privacy. No work arounds, just pure innovation.