Mobile monetization
for the privacy era

Don't let probabilistic data mess with your campaign optimization.

Drive deterministic in-app purchases, checkouts and ROAS using our patent-pending and privacy-friendly Screenshot technology.

Enjoy 100% accurate conversion attribution, 14% install to purchase rates, and influencer CPA campaigns.

Generate deterministic conversion data using FLYSHOT’s user-friendly platform by running influencer campaigns that work in compliance with Apple’s iOS14 privacy protocols.
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Screenshots are the
new promo codes

Promo codes generate deterministic conversion attribution without compromising user privacy.

However, typing in codes have conversion rates of 1%, and deep-linking won't be deterministic on iOS 14.

Flyshot's patent-pending Screenshot technology increases promo code conversion rates to an average 14%.

Instead of typing in promo codes, have users upload screenshots of influencer content from social media to redeem offers and unlock promotions.

Users prefer uploading Screenshots than typing in codes

Revitalize your promo code input fields and increase conversion rates using our Upload Screenshot buttons and helper visuals through a simple SDK integration.

Takes under 2 hours of developer time, and saves you the hassle of optimizing campaigns on probabilistic conversion data.

We polled 1018 Instagram users on their preference.

Seamlessly integrate promotions via screenshots onto your existing app interface. The upload screenshot will neatly replace your existing text-based promo fields.

Leverage an end-to-end influencer platform that gets you to 300% deterministic ROAS faster

Currently via influencer campaigns. Very soon via all channels!

Features include:


Simple promotion/campaign setup

Easily create promotions and content briefs, no prior experience required


Database of 3.2 million influencers

View engagement rates, reach, audience demographics, fake follower detection


Automated campaign invites

Select influencers that receive invites to work with you via the Flyshot Influencer app


Content approvals and chat

Maintain brand safety by approving influencer content before publishing


Performance analytics and insights

Measure and accurately attribute purchases to influencers, discover your top performers


Cost Per Action (CPA) payments

Easily pay for in-app purchases and checkouts attributed to your influencers

Faster redemptions,
more conversions

Quickly create in-app promotions based on your app's payment facilitator, i.e. Apple App Store or Third Party Payments (Stripe, PayPal). Google Play Store coming soon.

Create new promotions around in-app purchases or reuse existing ones. Conversions can be any purchase or particular SKUs. Set up enticing rewards that drive users to convert. No limits.

Plan and execute custom in-app promotions through the web user acquisition platform.

Delight users through customizable alerts

Drive users to redeem your in-app promotions by easily customizing redemption alerts as part of your campaigns. Edit or update any time, no additional front-end development or SDK updates required.

Create custom redemption alerts for your users from within the Flyshot platform.

Drive attributable in-app purchases and checkouts while maintaining user privacy

Using an intuitive platform and with the support of a helpful team focused on skyrocketing your ROAS.