Privacy-friendly monetization for mobile games (iOS 14)

Tanya Sardana
January 27, 2021 1:37 AM

Watch the video: 

Attributing in-app purchases to campaigns is going to be a headache for games on iOS 14.

SKAdNetwork's timer and Conversion Value setup expects users to convert in consecutive intervals of 24hrs to send post-install postbacks.

Let’s say you set generic early events as Conversion Values 1, 2 and 3... and an in-app purchase (IAP) as your Conversion Value 4.

Even if Conversion Values 1-3 occur in consecutive intervals of 24hrs, IAPs occuring in this sequence are very unlikely.

As per these rules, users would be expected to not stop gameplay for more than 24hrs, or else all down-funnel attribution will be lost.

If they stop playing for 24hrs after installing, you won't know which campaigns ended up driving IAPs, and which didn't.

That leads to terrible campaign optimization.

Thankfully Flyshot has come to your rescue.

We drive and attribute deterministic IAPs to your ad spend, not bound by any time limits. Currently via influencer CPA campaigns.

Watch the video for how it works for your users, and how you can generate deterministic conversion rates, ROAS and optimization on the platform.