Introducing Flyshot: Mobile Monetization For The Privacy Era

Tanya Sardana
January 25, 2021 5:27 AM

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Hi there, if you're in mobile user acquisition, then you're probably dealing with adapting your campaign strategies to the world of contextual targeting and probabilistic attribution. 

Now if you’re ahead of the curve then you’re probably running SkADnetwork tests with an ad platform. And figuring out your conversion value set up, and how not to make code changes if you by any chance have to amend your conversion values.  

What if I told you a simpler way to generate deterministic conversion data on IOS 14? That is in compliance with Apple's privacy mandate, not bound by any time limits, complementary with SKAdnetwork and your preferred MMP?

My team and I have spent millions of dollars on ad spend on channels where it has  been extremely difficult to deterministically quantify RoAS, these include like influencer marketing, out of home ads, public relations etc., However, have continuously been able to deduce 140% RoAS on average. 

In August 2020, when Apple's completely abolished deterministic conversion attribution on iOS 14, we knew we had to help user acquisition managers run performance campaigns in this era of privacy, so that the apps can continue to generate and attribute conversion data to their spend -- though unique mechanisms we've seen perform on difficult to attribute channels. 

We discovered was that while Apple deprecated the IDFA, they launched a new feature, called Offer Codes, essentially promo codes for subscription apps. 

Although promo codes are nothing new, this new feature  is a testament to how Apple considers promo codes to be privacy-friendly mechanisms of conversion attribution, as opposed to using the IDFA. 
That said, typical promo code redemption rates are around 0.02%. 

So we invented a new mechanism of allowing users to unlocking promo codes that increases redemption rates by 2000%. 

SCREENSHOTS! The new way to unlock promo codes. 

Here's how the flow works -- users simply take a screenshot of one of our encrypted images, typically posted by an influencer, install your app and upload it to unlock a promotion! Users don't have to remember codes, purchases occur 20x faster, and conversion data is attributed! 

Here's what users have to say about our Screenshot method, compared to traditional promo codes, which can be a considered a privacy friendly way to deterministically attribute conversions on iOS 14. 

"quote from the best results"

Now you know we’re fans of influencer marketing, so we built our entire solution around driving, tracking and attributing conversions through influencer traffic for your app! 

In the absence of device-level tracking on iOS, and soon Android, FLYSHOT’s deterministic conversion data can tell you: 

- How many conversions were driven by a specific influencer inside your app
- How much revenue was driven by a specific influencer 
- Which influencer had the highest conversion rates, as part of a campaign and in all time? 
- Who are influencers with the highest conversion rates or RoAS for your app, and who could be some similar ones you can onboard?
- What user feedback are influencers able to gather from their followers about making purchases in your app?

Wouldn’t you like these conversion KPIs, so you don't have to break your head on probabilistic data?  

And guess what, these influencer campaigns are all on a CPA, since our focus is on driving in-app purchases and checkouts in your app, and reporting this data in a privacy-friendly way.

So, if you'd like to be ahead of the curve in testing new solutions that generate deterministic data in a privacy-friendly way, make sure to sign up for a free test campaign! 

It costs nothing to run your first test on FLYSHOT, and determine whether we're a fit. To set up your test, visit our website, the link is in the description, and drop us your email. You can also view a demo of the platform, just play the video and check out all it has to offer.