Flyshot Explainer (Long)

Tanya Sardana
January 27, 2021 1:20 AM

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If you’re a mobile marketer, then by now, you’ve probably heard of the IDFA apocalypse.   

And if you’re savvy, you’ve likely started to adapt your user acquisition strategy, integrate SKADNetwork and prepare for a future of highly probabilistic attribution.   

However, if you're still dealing with question marks and unknowns, then you’re not alone. According to a recent survey by Appsflyer, 37% of mobile marketers are still unfamiliar with IDFA changes.

We understand how consuming it can be to overhaul your user acquisition strategies, figure out conversion values, work with the SKAdNetwork timer, and think about how you're going to mitigate fraud. 

Hence, we built FLYSHOT, a privacy-compliant user acquisition and monetization solution focused on driving in-app purchases and checkouts. Our proprietary method is able to continue generating deterministic conversion data without compromising user privacy. 

We know that Apple has never been fond of in-app advertising and sharing user data with third-parties. That said, it would certainly like the  industry to continue promoting in-app purchases. So while deprecating the IDFA, Apple launched Offer Codes, a promo-code solution for subscription apps. 

FLYSHOT's technology takes promo codes to the next level, and increases redemption rates by 170%! 

How? Simply by taking a screenshot of an image, and upload it to an associated app! Not only is the code automatically redeemed, but your newly acquired users have interacted with an experience that is 55% more likely to keep them retained! 

  1. A user sees a sponsored influencer post for your app on instagram, that has been published using our platform. This is an example of a dating app. 
  2. They read the caption, and as you see it says, "Jane and I met on a dating app, we've been married 2 years now. From experience, I say they work. To share some love, I've partnered with CUPID to give you guys 30% off your monthly subscription. All you have to do is SCREENSHOT my post and UPLOAD it to the cupid app. The promotion will apply automatically. Link in bio to download." So as you see, no promo codes. The call to action is simply 'Take a Screenshot and upload it to the app to get the discount". 
  3. So they take a screenshot. Click the link in bio to install the app. Install it, create an account and browse the app as per usual. 
  4. Now when they're ready to make a purchase, they reach the checkout screen, they find our Upload Screenshot button, in the same place where they would traditionally enter a promo code. We offer apps the ability to either completely replace or supplement their existing promo code input fields with our Upload Screenshot button. 
  5. We recommend adding a little helper icon next to the button that introduces users to the functionality via a banner or a screen, which can be populated with your influencer campaigns with a simple API call. 
  6. So, users simply tap the button, which prompts Apple's new PH Picker API, so no camera roll permission required.  
  7. Users select their screenshots, which our SDK instantly decrypts to match with your active promotions, and if detected, displays your custom campaign alert. 
  8. Promotions are automatically applied, the user checks out, and deterministic conversions, revenue and ROAS are attributed to the content, the influencer and the campaign.  

Our platform easily allows you to create promotions around specific sub-entities inside your app, like a restaurant or a product. 

If your in-app purchases are driven by the AppStore or Google Play Store, then watch our targeted video for who this flow will work for you. 

Since deep-link functionality will no longer be deterministic on iOS 14, screenshot-based promo code attribution is golden for you. The added advantage is that screenshots, or promo codes, give users time to make a purchase, and result in hyper-accurate attribution that is not bound by any time constraints. 

So schedule your first test campaign, which is absolutely free, on Flyshot. 

So we can help you deterministic conversions inside your app through high-converting influencers, and supercharge your ROAS all without compromising user privacy. Spots are limited. 

Drop in your email on our website, and let's speed you up into the new era of privacy-friendly mobile monetization. Today.