Apple launches Offer Codes while deprecating the IDFA

Tanya Sardana
January 25, 2021 5:22 AM

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Hello and welcome back to our show that discusses mobile monetization in the privacy era! 

Today, we’re going to disclose a privacy-compliant way to continue generating deterministic conversion data on iOS 14. 

Promo codes! 

As IDFA deprecation wipes away deterministic conversion attribution for user acquisition teams, the question on everyone’s mind is how are we going to optimize our campaigns for conversion? 

Conversion values on SKAdnetwork aren’t the easiest or most intuitive to set up, especially when you have multiple in-app purchases or products for sale. 

Also, as a result of IDFA deprecation, we’ve essentially kissed CPA campaigns goodbye. 

That doesn’t have to be the case though, because we have our good old promo codes! 

Now did you know that while deprecating the IDFA, Apple launched a new feature called Offer Codes, although, even though they’re only for subscription apps. 

But if you’re not a subscription, keep watching, we have something for you. 

Now for subscription apps, here’s the deal —  Offer codes are unique, alphanumeric codes that provide a free or discounted price for auto-renewable subscriptions for a specific duration, as well as give existing subscribers opportunities to upgrade or crossgrade. 

Users can redeem offer codes on the App Store or within your app if you’ve implemented the PresentCodeRedemptionSheet. 

You can also create unique URLs associated with an offer code and distribute these using your of ad networks. 

Apple handles the redemption experience, which includes an offer details screen with the app icon, subscription name, duration, and pricing, all of which you’ll set up in App Store Connect.

The code eligibility can also be defined there, where you can set logic for new, active, and expired users.

You can create a maximum of 150,000 codes per app, per quarter. In order for users to redeem your codes, they must be running iOS 14, or iPadOS 14 or later.

Most importantly, analytics and attribution for Offer Codes will be available on your AppStore Connect. 

Ok! So this is interesting for subscription apps — because obviously the conversion analytics from using these offer codes will be deterministic, and not probabilistic, considering almost all apps won’t get access to the IDFA anymore. 

This is huge for subscription apps as you can attribute conversions to offer codes, and the ads you used them on. Definitely won’t get all accompanying in-app events, or user data for targeting, but deterministic conversion attribution is a win. 

Now if you’re reading them and saying dang, why is this only for subscription apps? 

Well, you’re in luck, because we have a solution that allows all kinds of apps to leverage an evolved version of the promo code functionality, using screenshots. The new way to redeem promo codes inside apps, that increases in-app conversions by 72%, and that is in compliance with Apple’s privacy mandate. 

To learn more, shoot me a message and I’ll be happy to explain.  

Until next time.